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Maps showing racial distribution in Europe and Western Canada

Image of a black and white map showing the location of European immigrants in western Canada

Robert England, the Irish-born Western Manager, Colonization and Agriculture at Canadian National Railways, wrote about European settlers in Western Canada for the July 1932 issue of the Canadian Geographic al Journal. In his piece, England describes the cultural practices brought to western Canada from the Old World, citing examples such as the architecture “was reminiscent of Holland,” “vividness in the colour” of Ukrainian districts and pflaumenmuss — a dish of dried fruits — served in Mennonite communities.
These two maps depict the distribution of ethnic groups in Europe and that of non-English European settlers in Western Canada. The map of Europe lists the following terms as “races”: French, Italians, Rumanians (sic), Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch, Austrians, Russians, Eastern Baltic Races, Poles, Yugo-Slavs, Czecho-Slavs, Hungarians and Finns. In the map of Western Canada, communities are identified as being Scandinavian, German, Slav or French.

 “Map showing racial distribution, Northern and Central Europe” and “Map showing distribution of non-English settlers in three western provinces” from "Glimpses of Europe in western Canada", Canadian Geographical Journal, July 1932