Return to the Wild - Evolving perspectives on Canadian wildlife

Species: Exploring Canada’s wild with Canadian Geographic

About our species

Canada’s land, air and water are equally represented by the species chosen for this virtual exhibit. All the species have been discussed at least once in the magazine, occupy varying levels of the food chain and are not necessarily endangered.

Land organisms

The polar bear is often classified as a marine mammal, due to its reliance on the sea, but in this exhibit, it is being included as one of the eight land species. While some species, such as the grizzly bear, are top predators, others, such as the coyote, are scavengers.

Air organisms

The sizes of the eight species linked to air range from barely visible, such as the mountain pine beetle (the size of a grain of rice), to the large, yet equally elusive whooping crane, with an impressive two-metre wingspan.

Water organisms

Canada is surrounded by three oceans and contains thousands of lakes, rivers and streams. Therefore, water organisms play a very important role in each ecozone. The eight water species chosen reflect such well-known or photogenic organisms as the beluga whale, as well as lesser-known or invasive organisms, such as the zebra mussel.