Return to the Wild - Evolving perspectives on Canadian wildlife


About our resources

Some of Canada’s best-known species – birds, insects, sea and land mammals – are the subject of 12 lesson plans created for the Return to the Wild virtual exhibit. There are two species selected from each of the six ecozones, such as the polar bear and the barren ground caribou from the Arctic, and the mountain pine beetle and the grizzly bear from the boreal forest. The emphasis is on learning about the species - its characteristics, its habitat, and its conservation.

The lesson plans are aligned with provincial and territorial curricula and are written for either intermediate (5-8) or senior (9-12) grades. Developed by teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education (CCGE), the lesson plans conform to provincial and territorial curricula as well as to the Canadian National Standards for Geography.

The plans are written by teachers for teachers. Every lesson plan writer is a classroom teacher and member of the CCGE.

The lesson plans are free, ready-to-use and offer step-by-step guidance, lesson extensions, assessment rubrics, and, in some cases, student activity worksheets.