The aim of this lesson is to make students more aware of Nova Scotia's watershed areas, water conservation and the need to secure our surface water supply for future generations. The activities and the project will allow students to understand what a watershed area is and to investigate one of the many watershed areas that exist in Nova Scotia. They will develop a number of geographic and research skills.


  • Student Activity Sheet #1:  Project Instructions (attached)
  • Student Activity Sheet #2:  Watersheds of Nova Scotia by Name (attached)
  • Student Activity Checklist (attached)
  • Assessment rubric (attached)
  • Computer lab, LCD and internet access


Canadian Atlas Online Watersheds theme

Canadian Atlas Online Watershed Awareness theme

Video: 4 Four Seasons of a Watershed Creek. Sechelt, Sunshine Coast BC Canada

(For Activity #1) Atlas of Canada (Explanation of what is a watershed):

Atlas of Canada (Interactive map of various drainage basins of Canada):

Nova Scotia Environmental Network(Background of Watershed Management for Nova Scotia)

Clean Nova Scotia Adopt a Watershed Initiative

Environment Canada (Water conservation)

Watershed Atlas (How watershed areas are created)

Government of Nova Scotia (Watersheds of Nova Scotia)

RBC Blue Water Project