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Giant floor maps

Carte-tapis géante
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Polar Knowledge Canada

This Arctic Circumpolar Map is unlike any other giant floor map created by Canadian Geographic Education. Projecting the Earth from the Arctic circumpolar region gives students the opportunity to stand at the top of the world and view Canada and the world from a new perspective. The following 10 learning activities were designed in partnership with Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR). These activities help to inform Canadian students about POLAR’s commitment to advancing Canada’s knowledge of the Arctic, strengthening Canadian leadership in polar science and technology, and promoting the development and distribution of knowledge in both circumpolar regions, Arctic and Antarctic. This teaching resource will provide students with the opportunity to learn about animal migration, communication and new technologies, climate change and much more.


The Giant Floor maps are available on loan for 3-week periods throughout the school year and by special request during the summer.

Floor map dimensions:

  • 2 maps at 9.2 m diameter
  • 3 maps at 4.6 m diameter

The logistics co-ordinator will contact you regarding your booking. At that time you may indicate your preference for the classroom-sized map (4.6m in diameter) or the Giant Floor Map (9.2m in diameter).

If your needs can only accommodate one map size, please feel free to follow up your request with an email to the logistics co-ordinator at

The activity kit includes:

  • 1 giant floor map
  • 1 Teachers guide
  • Hard copies of all activities
  • Chains
  • Pylons

Polar Knowledge Canada giant floor map activities (click to download)

  1. All About the Arctic
    1. Photo cards
    2. Arctic map cards
    3. Arctic quiz card
  2. Arctic Research
    1. Arctic research cards
    2. Brainstorm template
    3. Research station cards
  3. Animal Migration
    1. Animal cards
    2. Animal tracking cards
  4. Arctic Council
    1. Country flag cards
    2. Arctic Council Cards
    3. Teacher discussion card
  5. Sea Ice in the Arctic
    1. Ice image cards
    2. Sea ice location cards
    3. Radar satellite image
    4. Teacher information card
    5. Regional ice charts
  6. Arctic Monitoring
    1. Arctic monitoring cards
  7. Climate Change: Indicators and Signs
    1. Climate graphs
    2. Arctic report card
  8. Arctic Renewable Energy
    1. Country renewable cards
    2. Nunavut community cards
  9. Northern Housing Challenges
    1. Blueprint cards
  10. Communication in Arctic Communities
    1. Community cards
    2. Timeline cards

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