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Frequently asked questions

General Giant Floor Map Questions:

How ‘giant’ is a giant floor map?
Unrolled, the map measures 10.7 m (35') x 7.9 m (26'). When it arrives at your school, it will be packed in a 2.44 m (8.0') long tube with a diameter of 37 cm (15").

Does anything come with a giant floor map?
Yes, a 82 cm (32") x 46 cm (18") x 58 cm (22.5") trunk of activities and supplies accompany the map.

Do I get to keep the giant floor map?
No, the giant floor map program works on three-week reservations only.

Why do I have to select three three-week periods?
We try our best to accommodate your first choice, however due to demand and shipping schedules, we cannot guarantee that a map will be available during your first choice of three-week period. Please ensure that you select three three-week periods that will work for you and your school.

May I reserve a map for more or less than three weeks at a time?
All special requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. Please e-mail our logistics coordinator with your request.

How is a giant floor map shipped?
The map and associated trunk of materials will be delivered to your school via courier in a 2.44 m long tube.

Can I have the map shipped to my house?
You may have the map shipped to any location you wish. However, please note that when it is shipped, the map arrives in a 2.44 m long tube. Someone must be available to receive and sign for the delivery.

Reserving giant floor maps:

Who can reserve a giant floor map?
Any member of Canadian Geographic Education (formerly CCGE) may reserve a map. Not a member? Sign up now!

I’m not a teacher. May I reserve the map for an organization that I work with?
These requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. Please contact our logistics coordinator with your request and information about your organization. Please note that priority is given to teachers and schools.

How do I reserve a giant floor map?
Sign in with your Can Geo Education log-in information and follow the step by step process to place your request. Once your request has been received, you will be contacted by the logistics coordinator to finalize your reservation.

How many times in one school year may I reserve the same giant floor map?
In order to ensure that the map is available to all schools, each giant floor map may only be reserved by the same school once per school year.

Why are some dates blacked out of the schedule?
You are only able to select available dates to book a giant floor map.

I can’t remember my reservation dates. Where can I find those?
Please contact our logistics coordinator for your reservation information.

Giant floor map shipping information:

Will the map arrive on the Monday morning when my reservation starts?
We cannot guarantee that the map will arrive on the Monday of your reservation. Depending on where the map is coming from, it may arrive at any point during the first three days of your reservation. Please account for this when you are planning your time with the map.

At the end of my reservation, what do I do with the map?
Carefully follow the included directions to roll the map up and gently pack it back into the shipping tube. Please use the included checklist to ensure that all supplies are returned to the trunk. Place the map and trunk at the same place in your school where they were dropped off to ensure that they are accessible by the movers.

Canadian Geographic Education (Can Geo Education):

What is Can Geo Education?
Canadian Geographic Education, formerly the Canadian Council for Geographic Education, is the educational branch of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

How do I become a member of Can Geo Education?
You can register free of charge at As a member you will have access to all Can Geo Education products, discounted subscription rate for Canadian Geographic magazine, and receive school resource mailings throughout the year. In addition, Can Geo Education offers a number of different professional development opportunities and awards for members. For more information, go to


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