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Giant floor maps

Drawn to Victory giant floor map
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Drawn to Victory

Drawn to Victory is the first part of a First World War commemoration project aimed at educating Canadians on the evolution of aviation, aerial photography and cartography. This map highlights not only the geographical location of the First World War but also the extent of the Western Front and major battles fought specifically highlighting battles with major involvement. With help from each of the 10 curriculum-linked learning activities, students will discover the little-known story of how thousands of Canadian pilots and Canadian topographic surveyors contributed to the past century’s greatest map renaissance. They will learn that the greatest weapon used in the First World War was not fashioned from metal, but of paper.

Floor map dimensions:

There are two map sizes available. Each map is accompanied with a truck filled of 10 learning activities and associated materials.

Giant Floor Map: 11 m (35') x 8 m (26')
Diameter of Giant Floor Map shipping tube: 32 cm (13")

Classroom Size map: 5 m (17') x 4 m (13')
Activity Trunk: 82 cm (32") x 46 cm

Each map is available on loan for a period of 3 weeks throughout the school year and by special request during the summer.

The activity trunk includes:

  1. Teachers’ guide
    1. background information on the First World War
    2. hard copies of all learning activities
  2. All required materials for each learning activity

Below is a list of all Drawn to Victory activities and accompanying cards that will be available to download shortly.

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