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Giant floor maps

Canada from Space giant floor map
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Canada from Space

This map is out of this world. Canada from Space is comprised of images taken by Canada’s RADARSAT-2 and is the first of its kind. Explore how Earth observation satellites monitor Canada and can be used to protect and prepare Canadians. Through ten curriculum-linked activities, students will learn first-hand how pollution and natural disasters impact our country, the importance of Canada’s arctic ice, and the scientific phenomenon of the northern lights. They will also get a chance to see Canada from the International Space Station, through the eyes of the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Learn how to introduce this resource to your class with this helpful guide.

Access the Canada from Space learning resources in Inuktitut.

The Giant Floor maps are available on loan for 3-week periods throughout the school year and by special request during the summer.

Floor map dimensions:

  • Dimensions 10.7 m (35') x 7.9 m (26')
  • Diameter of Shipping tube: 32 cm (13")
  • Trunk: 82 cm (32") x 46 cm (18") x 58 cm (22.5")
  • The floor map will be shipped in a large bag filled with 10 activities.

The activity trunk includes:
  • Teacher’s guide
    • Information on Canada’s energy landscape
    • Hard copies of all activities.
  • All required materials for 10 activities (download activities below)
  • Media kit (this will be e-mailed to you upon the completion of your reservation)
    • A hard copy of a press release and background information
    • A list of suggested ways to get media attention

Canada From Space giant floor map activities (click to download)

Associated Cards

Earth Observation: Seeing Canada Differently

Canada from Space

Detecting Disasters

What Does Pollution Look Like?

Fresh from Canada

Canadian Ice Service

To Navigate and Protect

Valuable Resources

Coast to Coast to Coast

Whatever the Weather

Nunavut Snowmobile Activity

Nunatsiavut Tourism Activity

Disasters in Nunavik Activity

Drainage Basins and Water Management in the Northwest Territories Activity

Climate Change - Our Permafrost Past, Present and Future in the Yukon Activity

Changing Climate Yukon Activity in English and Southern Tutchone Äshèyi

Traditional Hunting Territories of the Dehcho First Nations Activity

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