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Canadian Explorers

Canada's greatest explorers 2015

Richard Weber

Photo credit: Richard Weber

North Pole chaser

Expertise: Adventure, Trekking

By Breanna Adams

Imagine stepping onto the frozen Arctic Ocean, knowing there are several weeks of hard trekking and potentially brutal weather ahead of you. Now imagine doing that again and again until you’ve spent a combined 600 days of your life travelling that ice. That has been Richard Weber’s reality. On different expeditions the Arctic explorer has become the first known Canadian to reach the North Pole on foot, the first recorded person to stand at the exact geographic North Pole (his GPS confirmed “90 degrees N”) and he and teammate Misha Malakhov made it to the pole and back with no outside help, an achievement that has never been repeated. Weber, it’s believed, has been to the North Pole more than anyone in history.


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