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Jean Lemire

Photo credit: Glacialis Productions

Global sailor

Expertise: Adventure, Water, Photography, film, art

By Harry Wilson

There are certainly more inviting waters in which to get your sea legs than the daunting polar regions, but don’t expect to find Jean Lemire anchored off sunny Saint-Tropez anytime soon. The biologist-turned-filmmaker first made his name with his 2002 Arctic Mission expedition, a five-month, Montreal-to-Vancouver schooner journey through the Northwest Passage that chronicled the effects of climate change in the Canadian Arctic, as seen in his subsequent documentary film The Great Adventure. Three years later, Lemire was at the opposite pole for Antarctic Mission, a 430-day epic of modern adventure that yielded another stunning film, The Last Continent. In 2014, Lemire and his crew completed a nearly three-year global odyssey, sailing around the world to document the state of the planet’s biodiversity for the TV series 1000 Days for the Planet.


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