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In the early years of the 21st century, Canada’s population was 31,414,000, of which 25.9 percent was under 19 years old; 61.1 percent was 20 to 64 years; and 13 percent was 65 years and older. There were 75 senior men for every 100 senior women.
As more and more young people flocked to large urban centres in search of jobs, small towns across Canada became communities of older people. This was particularly true in eastern Canada, but less so in western Canada, where, apart from British Columbia, the provinces and territories had the youngest populations. Of all the provinces, Alberta had the youngest in the country; Quebec had some of the oldest. Based on census statistics and demographic trends evident since the 1970s, statisticians projected how this population would most likely evolve.


Canada's age pyramid This slide show, “Canada’s age pyramid,” has two graphs that depict the age distribution of Canadian men and women in 1900 and 2000. The latter clearly shows the impact of the baby boom.


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