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In the early years of the 21st century, Canada’s population was 31,414,000, of which 25.

Canada's age pyramid

Canada is aging: our fastest-growing population group is aged 80 and over, and expected to number 1.3 million within a decade. Eighty percent of the population lives in large urban areas, half in the greater metropolitan areas of Vancouver, Edmonton-Calgary, Toronto, and Montréal. Our future growth will be determined by the influx of immigrants from 210 countries, increasingly Asian. Women are outpacing men in education and sometimes in the workplace; 66.6 percent of Alberta’s workforce, for example, is female. Our 3.9 million 20-year-olds — 13 percent of the population — are in the most educated generation ever. On the debit side, nearly 17 percent of Canadians live in poverty. The income gap between rich and poor is growing in every province, with the biggest gap in Alberta. And even though national crime rates are declining, 29 percent of women feel unsafe alone in their homes at night.


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