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Commuting to work

The journey to the job is on average a 62-minute daily chore for 11.4 million Canadians. Although seven kilometres is the average commute, one in six workers in population dense Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver travel 20 kilometres or more. Driving is the preferred method everywhere except Nunavut. In 2001, 5.6 million men and 4.3 million women drove to work; 77 percent overall were alone in their cars. Drivers average 58 minutes on the road, compared to 100 minutes for bus/subway riders. And despite flexible work hours, traffic patterns still show 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. as the busiest times on the road. Quebecers, Ontarians, and Manitobans led in public transit use, of which women and young adults are top users. A handful of workers walk to work (mostly women) or bike (mostly men).


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