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Water is the key ingredient to survival of every living thing on earth, from the smallest plants to the largest fish to every dog, cat, bumblebee, grain of wheat and human being. Over the millennia, humans have devised countless mechanisms to alter, divert and utilize water to maintain and improve their lives, livelihoods and quality of life. Nature also requires water to sustain the healthy existence of everything in the natural environment. In countries and regions where water is scarce, the people inhabiting the area are keenly aware of their need to conserve every drop. Canadians, the other hand, have earned a global reputation for being among the top water wasters on the planet. Canadians use nine times as much water as the average U.K. resident. The ongoing effects of our changing global climate however, are beginning to help increase awareness among Canadians in regards to personal, municipal and industrial water use. Dual flush toilets, common in the majority of homes and public places in New Zealand, Australia and some European countries since the mid-1990s, are finally being welcomed in Canadian homes. More and more, Canadians are learning to appreciate the significance of water in their lives.


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