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Calgary Stampede, The

Events and entertainment

Hundreds of different events take place at Stampede Park throughout the year including concerts, trade shows and sporting events.

Since its early days as the grounds for the Calgary Exhibition, Stampede Park has been an important sports centre in Calgary. The Stampede Corral, which replaced the Victoria Arena in the 1950s, was home ice for the Stampeders hockey club, Calgary’s professional hockey team from 1938 to 1972 and also hosted Olympic Winter Games events in 1988. The Big Four Building has been an important venue for professional curling events and in the 1960s, hosted the largest curling rink in the world, with 48 sheets of ice. Today, the Saddledome venue is home ice for the NHL’s Calgary Flames hockey team.

Each June since 1966, the BMO Centre in Stampede Park hosts the Global Petroleum Show. The show brings together industry experts from around the world to discuss global oil and energy concerns and innovations. It is an important part of the park’s yearly schedule and to Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Each month, numerous trade and consumer shows take place in the park's venues, bringing in approximately 1.2 million visitors every year outside of the 10-day Stampede and Saddledome events. Notable events, such as the Circus, Ice Capades and 2009 Gemini Awards, have been held over the years earning the park a reputation for housing world-class events.


This piece contains slideshows that outline the various events and entertainment held at Stampede Park throughout the year. The user can select slideshows with specific information about the BMO Centre, the Stampede Corral, the Big Four Building, the Grandstand and the Agriculture Building.


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