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Calgary Stampede, The

Economic impact

As a major part of the Calgary identity, the Calgary Stampede has a significant impact on the city's economy. Every July, over one million people flock to the Stampede and visitors are estimated to spend upwards of $300 million in the city and $345 million total in Alberta each year.

While the 10-day event is held in July, the park sees a greater number of visitors from the months of August to June. The Calgary Flames hockey team brings in over one million fans to their home-games in the Saddledome. Approximately 2.6 million people visit the park each year for one of the many trade shows and events that take place at the park.

The Global Petroleum Show held in the BMO Centre in June is estimated to generate $11 billion in oil and gas related sales on the international market. The Stampede is not only crucial to the Calgary economy, but to the Canadian economy as a whole.


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