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Calgary Stampede, The


The Calgary Stampede will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012. The Centennial Stampede, held from July 6-15, expects one of its largest turnouts since its inception in 1912.

Both Calgarians and tourists alike will gather to celebrate the Stampede as one of Canada’s largest music festivals and as the host to numerous agricultural and youth programs. Throughout the city, more live music, stage performances, cookouts, exhibitions, pancake breakfasts and special events will take place for the biggest crowd in 100 years.

A 2012 advisory council was created to oversee the 100th anniversary, as well as a Centennial committee of volunteers to aid in the planning and realization of the major projects.

In 1931, Pat Burns, one of the four businessmen who provided financial backing for the first Stampede, celebrated his 75th birthday in front of Calgary with a very large birthday cake. This year, to commemorate that event, the Stampede has formed a “Cake Posse” which will spontaneously visit community gatherings to share a Centennial Celebration Cake.

As the organizers look toward the next 100 years, Stampede Park is set to transform into a larger gathering place, which will include a Riverfront Park, a Youth Campus and a new Western Event Centre. These new additions will provide more opportunity to educate, perform, entertain, showcase, host and gather.


This video piece celebrates the 100th anniversary of “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. With a dynamic blend of photography and animations, it outlines the history, popularity, legacy and importance of the Calgary Stampede in Canada.


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