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Boreal Shield


Largest of Canada’s terrestrial ecozones, the Boreal Shield is one vast ecozone stretching from northern Alberta to Newfoundland’s eastern coast. It superimposes a mantle of evergreens over much of the Canadian Shield, imperfectly hiding a rugged landscape still showing the scars of glacial assault and retreat. Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior’s northeastern shore sums up many of this region’s essentials: rocky headlands, sand and cobble beaches, a dense forest of spruce and fir, rock-ringed lakes, and rolling rivers. Beaver and loons, ubiquitous denizens of the Shield, thrive here. Other typical wildlife include rare woodland caribou, moose, wolf, and black bear.


Ecozones A map of Canada highlights the Boreal Shield region, which then recedes and is replaced by a more detailed map of the region and its ecozones:
• Boreal plains
• The prairies: parkland
• The prairies: grassland

Clicking on any of them opens a text box with detailed information on the ecozone.


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