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Settling Canada

Red River settlers

The West’s first European settlers were impoverished Highland Scots. They were brought there by Thomas Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, who owned a vast tract of the Red and Assiniboine river valleys. The first farmers arrived in 1812, occupying land the Métis considered theirs. Fearing disruption of the fur trade, the North West Company incited the Métis to resist. When 21 settlers were killed at Seven Oaks in 1816, the others abandoned the colony. Lord Selkirk hired a private army, rebuilt the settlement, and brought the settlers back. Ensuing court battles impoverished the “Nor’Westers” who were taken over by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821.


The faces of immigration A slide show in the centre of the Web page shows a series of photographs of new immigrants into Canada. Captions describe the reasons for immigration or the experiences of people from various source countries such as China, Russia, Scotland, the U.K. and The Netherlands.


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