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The new tourism

“Green Getaways”: A new tourism
Outdoor recreation and tourism generate over $9 billion a year for British Columbia. But the annual tourist influx — 2.6 million visitors in 2002 — places heavy pressures on the province’s much-visited natural attractions and affects local communities as well. In the 1980s, the adverse impact of large-scale tourism became a crucial issue for environmentalists, the tourism industry, and governments, both in Canada and abroad. In response to this issue, ecotourism has since evolved as a possible solution. Ecotourism promotes ideas of exploring, developing, and sustaining natural habitats in ways least likely to cause environmental damage or disruption. This “green getaways” approach may also produce beneficial spinoffs such as support for local environmental efforts and employment for guides or interpreters of local cultural traditions. Ecotours include wildlife and wilderness expeditions, whale-watching excursions, and aboriginal ecotours, which mix natural and cultural features.


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