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Pacific and Mountains

Mountain zones

Mountain zones and boundaries
Mountain slopes host a great variety of trees and plants according to elevation. Zone elevations move downward in cold, northern locations. In southern B.C., the alpine-subalpine boundary, discernible at the treeline, is found at the 1,800-m level; in the Yukon, it lies near the foot of the mountain.

Alpine zone. From the icy rock terrain on the mountaintop to the treeline: lichens, mosses, shrubs, sedges

Subalpine zone. From the treeline to the lower slopes: alpine fir, Engelmann spruce

Montane zone. On the densely forested lower slopes: lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, Douglas maple. At the mountain base lie the Parkland and Prairie zones


Mountain zones An image of a mountain shoulder with thin forest cover includes three menu choices. Clicking on them opens an image box with more information on the types of plants found in the various mountain zones.


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