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Pacific and Mountains


Lofty ranges dominate this region’s terrestrial ecozones: the Pacific Maritime, Montane Cordillera, Boreal Cordillera, and Taiga Cordillera. Landscapes range from Pacific Rim National Park’s coastal greenery and Mount Revelstoke National Park’s forests and meadows to Yukon’s Ivvavik National Park’s barrens. The rugged mainland coast is home to the grizzly bear. Pacific Rim, a typical Pacific Maritime area, comprises surf-pounded beaches, seal-inhabited islands, and the wind-tangled woods of the West Coast Trail. Offshore lie the teeming waters of the Pacific Marine ecozone.


Ecozones This animation begins with a map of Canada, then highlights the Pacific and Western Mountains region in colour. That map recedes to the upper left of the animation box and is replaced by a more detailed map of the region, showing its sub-zones: Taiga Cordillera, Boreal Cordillera, Montane Cordillera, Pacific Maritime and Pacific Marine. Clicking on any of them opens a text box with more details about the Ecozone.


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