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Where lush forests give way to parched landscapes
Parts of the Pacific Coast get 2,500 mm of rain and snow in a year; others, barely 500 mm.

Lush forests

Resource-rich and breathtakingly beautiful, the Pacific and Western Mountains region is made up of four land ecozones: the Pacific Maritime coastal strip of mountain, rain forest, and fjord; and the three rugged Cordilleran zones: Montane Cordillera, Boreal Cordillera, and Taiga Cordillera. A fifth ecozone — the Pacific Marine — encompasses Canada’s waters of the Pacific Ocean. The land zones comprise British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, but also include parts of Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Blessed with a diverse wildlife and vegetation, parts of this natural region — particularly the Pacific Maritime ecozone — are under pressure from rapid population growth, urban development, and resource exploitation.


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How much rain do parts of the Pacific coast receive?

5,000 mm
900 mm
2,500 mm