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Mixedwood Plains


What the cities produce
The Mixedwood Plains is the site of Canada’s industrial powerhouse. Ontario’s part of this region produces over 40 percent of the country’s goods; the Quebec portion, 22 percent.

No other region in Canada can match southern Ontario’s advantages favourable to industry: a large labour force and consumer market, proximity to the United States, abundant supplies of raw materials and energy, and superior rail, road, and water transportation links. Toronto, with its many investment and insurance companies, and its bank and corporate head offices, is the city with the most diversified industrial base.

Around the western end of Lake Ontario, stretching from St. Catharines—Niagara to Oshawa, is the “Golden Horseshoe,” an industrial concentration, which embraces St. Catharines—Niagara, Hamilton, Oakville, and Oshawa. This concentration extends westward from Toronto to Windsor and includes Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, London, and Chatham—Kent.

Southern Quebec boasts a strong, diversified industrial base, with Montréal dominating high-technology fields such as aerospace, biotechnology, fiber optics, and computers. Quebec’s industries also excel in clothing design and manufacturing, metal refining, printing, textiles, and transport equipment.


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