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Oak Ridges Moraine

Protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine
In 2002, the Ontario government issued a plan to ensure the sustainability of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The plan was intended to resolve a clash Oak Ridges Moraine between developers and environmentalists over a proposed housing scheme on moraine land at Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto. The moraine is a conspicuous height of land — some 160 kilometres long and up to 24 kilometres wide — that extends from the Niagara Escarpment to Rice Lake. A popular recreational spot, the moraine supports a delicate environment of woods and wetlands. Beneath its surface lies Canada’s largest aquifer, which feeds waterways such as the River Rouge. The plan divides the moraine into four zones. Natural Core Areas, occupying 38 percent of the moraine, get maximum environmental protection. The plan permits agriculture and recreation in Countryside Areas (30 percent) and more intensive development in Settlement Areas (8 percent). About a quarter of the moraine is set aside for a network of corridors, at least 2 kilometres wide, which provide for the movement of wildlife. Although environmentalists debate the plan, some hail it as offering a significant degree of protection.


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