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Mixedwood Plains


This ecozone, encompassing the lower Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River valley, is Canada’s industrial heartland, a region radically altered by the impact of human activity. Three of Canada’s smaller national parks preserve distinctive pockets of the region’s varied vegetation and wildlife. Point Pelee boasts rare trees of the Carolinian type, such as shagbark hickory, sassafras, and hackberry, whose ranges extend far to the south. The park’s mix of forest, field, and marshland is a destination for hundreds of birds and monarch butterflies on their biannual migrations. Bruce Peninsula National Park is an area of rare orchids, limestone cliffs, and strange eroded rock formations, while Georgian Bay Islands National Park is situated in a transition zone with the northern Boreal Shield.


Ecozones A map of Canada highlights the Mixedwood Plains region, which then recedes and is replaced by a more detailed map of the region. A menu offers further detail on:
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