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The overall surface area of lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario is 246,000 square kilometres — or 20 percent of the earth’s surface freshwater — making the Great Lakes the world’s largest lake system.

Great lakes

The Great Lakes — St. Lawrence Basin stretches from the western edge of Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The southern portion, described here, is called the Mixedwood Plains. Canada’s smallest ecozone, occupying 9 percent of the country, it consists of two sectors: Ontario’s southward protruding peninsula, bounded by lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron, and the long, narrow plains along the St. Lawrence in Quebec. The Thousand Islands are the point of division between the sectors. Well favored with navigable waterways, fertile soils, and a relatively mild climate, the Mixedwood Plains ecozone was the portal through which European explorers and settlers passed to enter the heart of Canada. Today, this region supports Canada’s largest urban concentration, as well as a preponderant portion of its industrial and agricultural base.


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