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The original signatories of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) include nine leading environmental organizations and 21 forest-products companies. While these signatories represent considerable interests in the boreal forest, they do not represent every interest. As a result, the Agreement is open. Outside groups that have an interest in the Canadian boreal forest can sign the Agreement at any time.

There are also mechanisms in place to evaluate the Agreement’s outcomes over an initial three-year period and extend it into the future.

Nine environmental organizations signed the Agreement:

Canadian Boreal Initiative
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
David Suzuki Foundation
Ivey Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Pew Environment Group’s International Boreal
Conservation Campaign

All 21 members of the Forest Products Association of Canada signed the Agreement:

AbitibiBowater Inc.
Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
AV Group
Canfor Corporation
Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company
Cascades inc.
Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.
F.F. Soucy Inc.
Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Limited Partnership
Kruger Inc.
Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.
Mercer International
Mill & Timber Products Ltd.
NewPage Corporation
Papier Masson Ltée
SFK Pâte
Tembec Inc.
Tolko Industries Ltd.
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited


This interactive map showcases the boreal zones of Canada, with details of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement including how many hectares are designated under this Agreement, as well as efforts the Agreement has implemented to preserve the caribou population within these zones.


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