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Measuring outcomes

The signatories of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) have established a series of objectives and specific timelines allowing for the measurement of the Agreement’s progress and outcomes. In essence, the Agreement is a three-year road map to be audited by an independent third party every six months. The assessment will continue for a five-year period after full implementation of the Agreement’s ecological elements.

Using the project-management milestones and agreed-upon criteria, the auditor will assess progress and publish regular independent reports. The assessment will be carried out in relation to these milestones; it will not evaluate the actions required by parties that are not signatories to the Agreement, such as governments, First Nations and other stakeholders.

The auditor will also monitor the signatories’ compliance with Agreement commitments and any activities requiring ongoing conformity beyond the initial completion date. When non-compliance or delays are discovered, the auditor will examine the situation and make recommendations to the signatories for improvements.

Among other mechanisms, joint forums will regularly update the public and other stakeholders on the progress achieved through the implementation of the Agreement.


This piece explains the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, and allows users to select to learn more about each of the six major goals involved in the Agreement.


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