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Connecting Canada


Canada has more than 1.4 million kilometres of two-lane-equivalent roads serving some 24 million motor vehicles. Most are classed as urban streets or local roads, with freeways and primary and secondary highways accounting for only 217,000 kilometres.
Canada’s longest road, the Trans-Canada Highway, is also the longest national highway in the world, spanning some 7,821 kilometres and passing through 10 provinces. Canada’s roads form a major backbone of our transportation network, with trucks moving 234 million tonnes of goods in 1998, everything from live animals to steel, consumer goods to cars, chemicals to forest products.


Transportation networks The animation begins with a blank map of Canada. Black dots appear, showing major cities. Then blue lines appear to indicate rail cargo lines, followed by red lines showing roads. Yellow squares indicate the busiest airports, and black symbols show container ports.


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In 1983, over seven million people took a passenger train. How many did in 1998?

3.9 million
8.9 million
5.9 million