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With the launch of atmospheric studies satellite Alouette I in 1962 and Alouette II in 1965, Canada officially entered the space age. Our first telecommunications satellite, Anik A1 launched in 1972, made live television broadcasts possible.
Today, six satellites orbiting the Earth allow Canadians to call, fax, e-mail, surf, and watch the information superhighway: Anik F1 and Anik E2 carry all of Canada’s television broadcasts; Nimiq 1 and Nimiq 2 carry hundreds of pay-per-view television channels; MSat, a communications satellite, is used by people in remote locations; and RADARSAT, Canada’s first remote sensing satellite, was launched in 1995 to aid in scientific and geographical research.


Communication technology timeline The animation is a self-advancing slide show of images of various kinds of telecommunications technology, with two columns of dates to allow the viewer to jump to images and years at will. Each year represents a significant advance in telecommunications technology.


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