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Vancouver author William Gibson coined the term “cyberspace” in 1984 to describe the netherworld inside a futuristic worldwide network of computers. Within a decade this science fiction fantasy would become a reality with the birth of the internet.
Today the internet is used daily by Canadian schools, libraries, governments, hospitals, police, and businesses large and small. According to Statistics Canada, 60 percent of Canadian households had at least one internet user in 2001. British Columbia and Alberta are the provinces with the highest proportion of households with at least one internet user, at 65.3 percent. Ottawa remains Canada’s most wired city, with 67 percent of households having at least one internet user. Shopping on the internet is becoming big business; in 2001, 2.2 million households spent almost $2 billion shopping online.


Communication technology timeline The animation is a self-advancing slide show of images of various kinds of telecommunications technology, with two columns of dates to allow the viewer to jump to images and years at will. Each year represents a significant advance in telecommunications technology.


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