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The Royal Canadian Mint produces and sells collectible coins, medals and coin-related products to clients in Canada and around the world. Incorporating precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, its numismatic products are distinguished by their craftsmanship and innovative enhancements that include holograms, selective plating, painting and embedded crystals.

The Mint’s Ottawa facility turns out an average of 8,000 collector coins per eight-hour shift, and each piece is treated as an individual work of art. It also makes military decorations for the Department of National Defence, such as the Sacrifice Medal and the General Campaign Star, and for Veteran Affairs Canada, such as the Canadian Victoria Cross.

The Mint created the widely acclaimed medals for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and an impressive range of Olympic-themed collectibles, the most extensive Olympic coin program ever conceived by a mint.

Even with the global recession, the Mint’s collectible coins sell well. In 2010, 25 of its 63 new collectible coins sold out, compared with 2009, when only 10 of the 67 new coins sold out.


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