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The Royal Canadian Mint designs and manufactures circulation and commemorative coins, ready-to-strike blanks, medals, medallions and tokens for international markets. In 2010, the Winnipeg facility pressed one billion coins and blanks for 16 countries, and over the years, it has made everything from kroner for Norway and baht for Thailand to centavos for Cuba and rupiah for Indonesia. In 2008, it produced a coloured circulation coin for Papua New Guinea, a world first outside Canada.

The Mint is ambitiously seeking to increase its share of the foreign circulation coinage market by offering foreign clients a full-service international coin package covering all facets of circulation and numismatic coin design, production and management.

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Besides producing coins for world markets, the Mint also licenses its patented multi-ply plating technology to other countries. Since their introduction to the global market in 2001, the Mint’s plated coins are circulating in over 25 countries, in more than 57 denominations. Multi-ply plated steel technology is allowing the Ethiopian government, for example, to convert some of its high-volume banknotes into more durable, secure and affordable circulation coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.


This piece outlines the Royal Canadian Mint’s manufacturing of coins, medals, medallions, tokens and ready-to-strike blanks for over 70 countries around the world. The user can choose to view information specific to circulation coins produced for Ghana, Fiji, Paraguay, Panama and Saudi Arabia.


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