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Given its business, the Royal Canadian Mint is attuned to the ups and downs of the economy, both in Canada and abroad. Particularly since 2008, global economic fortunes have been unpredictable. For the Mint, one of the best ways to ride that volatility is to continue investing in technology and innovation.

The Mint is currently working on plans to house the Research and Development Centre of Excellence at its Winnipeg facility. The centre will welcome international clients to observe the Mint’s technological expertise in die production, plating and other specialized processes and to access the Mint’s coinage forecasting capabilities. In 2010, the Mint invested $3.1 million in research and development.

Its online presence at has already opened direct sales channels beyond North America to include France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia.

In the years ahead, the Mint will continue to establish itself as the global leader in coinage solutions, to build its presence in global numismatics and markets and to develop products that expand its precious-metals business.


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'Blanks' are coated with which two metals during the multi-ply plating process?

Iron and Silver
Copper and Nickel
Aluminium and Gold