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Canada and Overseas Development

CIDA’s record of success

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) often joins hands with a wide array of partners to aid people in developing nations, and there is a healthy record of success in these partnerships in a variety of priority areas.

To help bolster food security in developing countries, CIDA projects have introduced new crops and farming techniques that have not only stimulated production but also implemented more sustainable agricultural methods.

In the health field, recent CIDA funding has underwritten projects that have improved access to safe water, rehabilitated health centres, organized vaccination campaigns and provided training for community workers and health professionals in areas such as drug treatments, obstetric care and bed nets to fight malaria.

More than 140 Canadian civil society organizations supported by CIDA promote democratic governance through the development of policies and programs that support increased democratic participation, labour rights, the rights of women and youth, food security and environmental sustainability.

Calling for more responsible environmental practices as well as an improved entrepreneurial environment, CIDA helps promote sustainable economic growth around the world. CIDA projects provide microcredit financing and other aid to small entrepreneurs and assist with tax reforms that promote economic growth. Support for government institutions has encouraged transparent budget planning, financial accountability, improved policy-making, results-based programming and better delivery of public services.


This piece features a scroll bar of images that are supported by narrative descriptions of various ways that Canada has assisted international development throughout the world.


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