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The Pelican Project

Photo caption: The white pelican is a heavy-bodied, web-footed bird with a large throat pouch for catching fish. White pelicans scoop up fish in their pouch while they swim, unlike the brown pelican, which dives from the air to catch its food. The Pelican Project
What started as a nonprofit project to protect a colony of 900 to 1,100 pairs of white pelicans in Saskatchewan’s Redberry Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2001. Biosphere status confirmed that the project, with the support of the local community of Hafford, had committed to sustainability principles such as conserving biological diversity and creating opportunities for education and research. From the outset, the project has promoted sustainable viewing programs. The interpretative centre’s programs and tours encourage knowledgeable appreciation of the area’s varied wildlife. The 6,000-ha lake is a stopover for more than 200 migrating bird species, including threatened and endangered whooping cranes and peregrine falcons. The lake project uses a mobile satellite and computer telecommunications system to watch over its resident pelican colony. In recent years, Hafford has broadened its sustainability vision to deal with rural depopulation. To stem outward migration, community plans call for enhancing the region’s traditional agricultural mainstays of wheat and livestock and developing more sustainable farming methods, new markets, crops, and tourism-related activities.


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