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Central Plains


Riding Mountain National Park lies in a belt between this region’s two ecozones: the cropland of the southern Prairies and the forests of the Boreal Plains. Rising 500m above the surrounding expansive farmland, Riding Mountain contains prairie meadows and a mix of conifers and hardwoods. No part of Canada has been altered as much as the Prairies. The largest remnant survives in Grasslands National Park. In the Boreal Plains ecozone, Wood Buffalo National Park shelters whooping cranes and small herds of bison, once the monarchs of the grasslands.


Ecozones A map of Canada highlights the Central Plains region, which then recedes and is replaced by a more detailed map of the region and its ecozones:
• Boreal plains
• The prairies: parkland
• The prairies: grassland

Clicking on any of them opens a text box with detailed information on the ecozone.


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One of the largest bodies of water in the Central Plains is…

Lake Diefenbaker
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