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Canadian Shield

Lion’s Head, a wave-lashed arch of stone on the Lake Superior shores of Ontario’s Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, exemplifies the Canadian Shield’s rugged beauty. This region of rocks, lakes, and forests, also known as the Precambrian Shield, occupies more than half of Canada. Its enduring bedrock provides the geological foundation for adjacent regions, such as the Interior Plains. The capacious Shield includes the Hudson Bay lowlands, one of the world’s largest wetlands, the Torngat Mountains — Eastern Canada’s highest peaks — and the uplands of central Baffin Island. Some 3 billion years ago, the Shield was a land of huge mountains and volcanoes. In the last ice age, glaciers stripped away the region’s surface, exposing the world’s oldest bedrock just east of Great Slave Lake.


Canadian Shield As music plays, the animation shows a series of videos of the Canadian Shield, aerial views of forest, rock formations, rapids, and bent white pine, reminiscent of the Tom Thomson painting.


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Which of these regions was supported by underlying rock formations formed during the Precambrian era?

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Frasier River delta
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