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Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands

Stretching from Windsor to the city of Québec, this narrow plain is Canada’s smallest landform region, but by far the most populous. East of Kingston, the Thousand Islands — an intrusion of the Canadian Shield — divides southern Ontario’s lowlands from the St. Lawrence River valley. Around lakes Erie and Ontario, the bedrock is sedimentary, visible in the limestone strata of the Niagara Escarpment. An overlay of glacial debris, deposited during the last ice age, created southern Ontario’s flat to rolling terrain. Along the St. Lawrence, the retreating ice-age Champlain Sea left behind a fertile riverine plain.


Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Lowlands As music plays, the animation shows a series of videos of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Lowlands, including numerous islands, rocky beaches and Point Pelee from the air.


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