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What major changes can we expect by 2050?

Technology. In the next 50 years, technology will transform virtually every field of human activity in myriad ways. In the workplace, computer-aided manufacturing will unify design, production, inventory control, and operations into a single fully automated system. At home, PCs will combine the power of today’s supercomputers with some as yet undeveloped form of artificial intelligence. More and more, technology will be brought into play to ensure the sustainability of resources. Technology — combined with exploration — may reveal the whereabouts of mineral reserves in new extraction venues such as seabeds. It may also create new materials to replace scarce resources. “Green methods” of manufacturing will be used to recapture valuable by-products from industrial wastes.
Farming. By 2050, Canadian farmers will have incorporated alternative or organic farming techniques with traditional methods. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will decline as they become more expensive and less effective. Computerized control of farming activities will be commonplace. With technological advance, farmers will produce crops that grow faster, resist disease, and are more robust. Some produce may have been engineered to provide medicinal properties. Improved aquaculture may provide much of our seafood if commercial fish species depleted by overfishing continue to decline.

Resources. By 2050, dependence on fossil fuels will decline as reserves run low or become more difficult to access. Canadians will call upon renewable sources — geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, and wind — to meet our energy needs. Solar power may produce electricity at costs comparable to conventional sources.


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