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Wind and the Forging of Canadian Identity

Atlas themes Teaching level Province/Territory

Wind energy

Middle (6-8)


“How has the experience of wind affected our sense of place as Canadians? What role does wind play in the formation of our national, regional, and spiritual identities?” This lesson is primarily teacher-led and proceeds through the investigation of Canadian art, literature, maps and music. Student inquiry may begin with a class discussion about what makes them who they are as Canadians, as Albertans, and as residents of their city, town, or municipality. What formative experiences do they have that give them a sense of who they are as individuals? What role does geography play in the formation of identity? In particular, what role does Canadian geography (i.e., land, water, and wind) play in the forging of our identities as Canadians? How might our modern experiences of nature differ from those of early Canadians? How might the manner of our experience of the natural world affect our dispositions and attitudes towards it? Teachers ought to lead students in an investigation of how our experiences of the land

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