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Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL) Learning Centre. With the terrific learning resources available here, you can make geography and history come alive in your classroom like never before! Our lesson plans and classroom activities are available to download in several formats to help both teachers and students engage more fully with this site’s content. Teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education have prepared these free resources that meet curriculum learning objectives based on the topics featured throughout the CAOL.

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A river runs though the centre of my city

This lesson offers students the opportunity to investigate the impact of Bow and Elbow Rivers on the city of Calgary, focusing on the development of the Calgary Stampede, the impact of development on the watershed and the work being done, such as the development of Riverfront Park, to preserve one of the most important watersheds in the country.

Mapping out the Calgary Stampede

In this activity, students will use the online interactive map to explore the Calgary Stampede. They will compare this map to what they have learned about maps in previous lessons and determine similarities. They will then go on to design a map of an area with which they are familiar.

A timeline of the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede has a rich and fascinating history. In order to create a visual timeline of the events that shaped the Calgary Stampede, students will use the online interactive map as well as the Calgary Stampede and Canadian Atlas Online websites for research. They will then make comparisons between the timelines they created for the Calgary Stampede and important events that occurred in Canadian history.

Come to the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”!

After discussing different forms of advertising and marketing strategies used to attract visitors to the Calgary Stampede, students will design their own travel brochure promoting the event.

A look at Calgary Stampede’s posters

After looking at some of the many posters that have been created throughout the Calgary Stampede’s history, students will work to create their own poster highlighting the values and traditions of the event that they believe are important to all Canadians.

The economy of the Calgary Stampede

After discussing the difference between for profit and not for profit organizations, as well as the revenue streams associated with the Calgary Stampede, students will work together to develop an event that could be added to the Calgary Stampede in order to attract more guests, and further the goals and values of the Stampede.