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Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL) Learning Centre. With the terrific learning resources available here, you can make geography and history come alive in your classroom like never before! Our lesson plans and classroom activities are available to download in several formats to help both teachers and students engage more fully with this site’s content. Teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education have prepared these free resources that meet curriculum learning objectives based on the topics featured throughout the CAOL.

You may select the resources by province, grade level, and topic. Alternatively, you can simply view all available lesson plans.

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The Saint John River Gazette

This lesson asks students to research different aspects of the Saint John River and, as a class project, to present the research in the form of a newspaper.

The Northern Transportation Company - Shipping Goods on the Mackenzie River

In this activity the students will look at the importance of the Mackenzie River as a vital shipping route for the people of the Arctic. The students will read an overview of the topic with a focus on the Native-operated Northern Transportation Company, evaluate the value of the Mackenzie River, and map several communities in the region.

Alexander Mackenzie and the Mackenzie River: Replete with Superlatives

In this activity the students will explore the superlatives associated with Alexander Mackenzie’s journey of 1789 and the Mackenzie River itself. They will map the route that Mackenzie took from Fort Chipewyan to the Arctic Ocean.

The Mighty Mackenzie River

The lesson introduces students to a basic understanding of rivers and river terminology. Further it explores the ecological, environmental, economic and cultural importance of the Mackenzie River basin and discusses current and possible threats to this region.

The St. Lawrence River

Introduction to the St. Lawrence River and the St. Lawrence River Beluga Whales.

Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway: Gateway to the World

Students will examine the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway to determine its location and the significance to Canadian industry, commerce and trade.

The St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River has played an important role in settlement and economic life throughout Canada’s history. It must be protected from the pollution resulting from development along the river.

Devils Lake Diversion: A Dilemma

In this activity the students will look at the Devils Lake water diversion issue which involves Manitoba and the U.S. state of North Dakota. The students will read an overview of the issue, assess the issue, look at differing perspectives, and evaluate the economic value of the Red River, Lake Winnipeg, and tributaries.

The River Lot Farms of the Red River

In this activity the students will look at the role of the Red River in the settlement patterns and system of landholding that the Metis established in the mid-1800’s and the legacy of this system on the street layout in Winnipeg today.

Five Facts about the Fraser

Students will use the Five Themes of Geography to gather factual information about the Fraser River and compile it as a class. They will use the facts to support their opinions in a writing or discussion exercise at the end of the lesson.

The Fraser River’s Journey

This lesson will give a brief overview of the route, life, history and pollution issues facing the Fraser River. At completion of this lesson students will have a pictorial map of the Fraser River, while Grade One students will only have pictures on their map, Grade Fives should have pictures labeled.