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Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL) Learning Centre. With the terrific learning resources available here, you can make geography and history come alive in your classroom like never before! Our lesson plans and classroom activities are available to download in several formats to help both teachers and students engage more fully with this site’s content. Teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education have prepared these free resources that meet curriculum learning objectives based on the topics featured throughout the CAOL.

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Use the Canadian Atlas Online and the AuroraMAX website to complete the 5 W’s (and 1 H) activity below.

Ellesmere Ice Shelf Timeline

Each of the statements in the organizer below describes an important fact about Canada’s Ellesmere Ice Shelf. Use the Canadian Atlas Online thematic, The North from Space, to put the events below in their correct order. Identify the year(s) during which each event occurred.

Arctic Satellites 101

Use information from the Canadian Atlas Online thematic, The North from Space, to describe and explain how each satellite below is used to monitor conditions in Canada’s Arctic region.

Field Guide to Arctic Ice

Use the Canadian Geographic Field Guide to Arctic Ice poster to describe each type of ice listed in the organizer below; classify each type of ice as sea ice (S), land ice (L) or freshwater ice (F); match each type of ice to the corresponding image in the organizer below.