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Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL) Learning Centre. With the terrific learning resources available here, you can make geography and history come alive in your classroom like never before! Our lesson plans and classroom activities are available to download in several formats to help both teachers and students engage more fully with this site’s content. Teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education have prepared these free resources that meet curriculum learning objectives based on the topics featured throughout the CAOL.

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Energy in the NWT: Past, Present, and Future

In this lesson, students will explore energy resources in the NWT. They will start this research by reviewing oil and gas production as it was recorded in Canada in 1961. Using a map and fact sheet, students will identify existing and potential energy resources near their home community. They will be directed to the NWT Power Corporation website which identifies each community’s current power generation. Next, students will find community energy planning posters for each community on the Arctic Energy Alliance website. Using these sources, students will work with partners to create a three-sectioned poster to illustrate energy sources past, present, and future.

Changing Energy Use in Canada

In this lesson, students will conduct research on changing energy use in Canada and present their findings to the class. Working groups will be assigned a different energy source and will discuss the earliest uses of the resource, changes through time and reasons for these changes, and present uses. They will use the information they have found to predict types of energy likely to be used to fuel Canada in the near future.

Fueling Your School

Energy required to heat schools comes from various fuel sources. Students will investigate the heating plant in their schools as a starting point for investigating how fuels heat schools in Canada and what fuels have been used, are used, and might be used in the future. (Note: this lesson might be more appropriate during cold weather seasons.)

Powering your Cell Phone

In this lesson, students will imagine they could time travel with their cell phones. Their research will reveal how their phones could have been powered at various times in Canada’s past and from where this fuel would have come.