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Welcome to The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL) Learning Centre. With the terrific learning resources available here, you can make geography and history come alive in your classroom like never before! Our lesson plans and classroom activities are available to download in several formats to help both teachers and students engage more fully with this site’s content. Teacher-members of the Canadian Council for Geographic Education have prepared these free resources that meet curriculum learning objectives based on the topics featured throughout the CAOL.

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Building Canada: Timelines and Parliamentary Representation

Students will learn about how Canada was built. They will learn important dates and events in Canada over the last 138 years and look at alternate ways that Members of Parliament could possibly be organized. In doing so, students will learn about the size of the provinces in comparison to population. Finally, students may participate in extension activities that include learning about federal political parties and Parliament Hill.

Building Canada

This lesson examines the territorial and political development of Canada as a nation. The focal point of the lesson is pages 34-35 of The Canadian Atlas, while appropriate sections of The Canadian Atlas website will also be referenced. The overall intent of the lesson is to trace the territorial and political changes that have taken place in Canada since its inception in 1867. The lesson will also explore political representations by region.