Canada’s waterways are the lifeblood of the nation, providing invaluable ecosystem services and fuelling its economy. Learn who holds responsibility for the protection of Canada’s water, what issues are impacting the country’s fresh water resources and why Canadians must act now to balance the needs of nature with the needs of a nation.

Featured lesson plan: Climate Change: Crisis or Opportunity for Canadians?

Climate change is real and happening now. Canada, while continuing to reduce its carbon footprint, needs to refocus on the new reality that climate change will create and establish what this means to Canada’s environment and economy. How can our government ensure that the finance, trade and investment sectors are aligned with future business opportunities and needs? Can climate change provide trading opportunities for Canadian prosperity? How can we turn the crisis into an opportunity for Canadians? How can we get ahead of this prosperity curve? This lesson explores the idea of where Canada stands, especially in creating the optimum economic environment for Canadians in a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy.