American President James Madison signed a declaration of war against Great Britain on June 18, 1812. What would later become known as the War of 1812 was the boiling point of mounting tensions between Great Britain and the United States, whose growing trade with Europe was being threatened by the actions and regulations of the British at their ports. In a military sense, the War of 1812 was inconclusive, but in a political sense, its repercussions last until this day.

Featured lesson plan: A Tale of Children in Two Countries: Bolivia and Canada

The lesson begins with a comparison between the standard of living experienced by children in Bolivia with that experienced by children in Canada and then moves on to explore the importance of international assistance. Following a double bar graph assignment in which students illustrate two notable contrasts in the children’s standards of life, a discussion of quotations on the subject of humanitarianism and an introduction to the 0.7% commitment to Official Development Assistance, students create a visual art project (accompanied by persuasive words) intended to inspire humanitarianism.