Call it “precision agriculture,” “prescription farming” or even “space age farming.” Whatever the term, there is something radical happening down on the farm. Making novel use of satellites high above Earth and geographic information systems close to home, farmers are now able to tail or their soil and crop management to the varying conditions of their land — and on a very small scale.

Featured lesson plan: Canada Now and in the Future

Canada’s huge land area, relatively small population, and abundance of natural resources, have allowed Canadians to enjoy a high standard of living for many years, but these factors alone do not ensure that we will be able to continue to enjoy this lifestyle forever. In fact, at least partly because of our low population, many Canadians have become rather careless with our natural resources and adopted a way of life that has been far from sustainable. Fortunately most Canadians now realize this and are starting to change their practices in order to protect our environment and to make more efficient use of our resources. This activity is designed to allow the students to examine the issues regarding the use of Canadian natural resources and to introduce students to the wealth of information found in The Canadian Atlas.