With more than 45,000 kilometres of track, Canada boasts one of the largest railway systems in the world. Railways employ 32,000 Canadian workers and directly contribute more than $10 billion a year to the nation’s economy. In addition, nearly everything we consume travels by rail on some portion of its journey and each year, rail provides transportation for about 70 million Canadians.

Featured lesson plan: Harnessing the Wind’s Energy Potential: Wind Farms on Prince Edward Island

Renewable energy sources such as the wind are becoming more attractive to people and governments. In Canada over the last decade we have seen increased building of wind farms. The question that needs to be answered, ”Is wind energy the best way to promote cheap sustainable energy, keep the environment clean and improve PEI’s economy?” Students will do online research, complete two graphic organizers to answer the above question, and create a map of wind farms on PEI.